Your partner in logistics International freight forwarding and different solutions for logistics
Professional team Employees of Ursus Forwarding are experienced specialists in their field with experience of several years
Own logistics specialist One of Ursus Forwarding aims always has been provision of individual approach for our customers
Wide opportunities Ursus Forwarding cooperates with professionals and reliable partners around the world
Safety Ursus Forwarding civil liability is insured, so our customers can feel safe
Economy of time We can save your time through professional performance of our duties
Professional team!
Employees of Ursus Forwarding are experienced specialists in their field with experience of several years in international freight forwarding. They are people who perfectly understand the logistics market and due to their experience are able to respond immediately in unforeseen circumstances, as well as are able to solve them in operative manner.
Your own logistics specialist!
One of Ursus Forwarding aims always has been provision of individual approach for our customers. This is why each of our customers has their own Ursus Forwarding logistics specialist, who ensures the required services for customer. It allows saving time, as well as facilitates communication, because you can call you own Ursus Forwarding logistics specialist directly, if required.
Wide opportunities for competitive prices!
Ursus Forwarding cooperates with professionals and reliable partners around the world, ensuring fast and safe transportation of your cargoes to destination at competitive prices. Consult with our specialists to determine the most optimal transportation way for your cargo.
Ursus Forwarding civil liability is insured, so our customers can be sure that their claim on compensation of losses will be satisfies as soon as practically possible, if required. taking into account specifics of cargo and its location, Ursus Forwarding specialists will be pleased to recommend the most appropriate solution for given situation, by minimizing delay of cargo or possibilities of damage.
Economy of time!
We recognize the value of time and would be glad to extend the day for another few hours, because very often the time for everything is not sufficient. However, as it is not possible, we can save your time through professional performance of our duties. Thanks to our long-term experience, Ursus Forwarding team is able to respond correctly and operatively in any situation without exposing you to solution of unnecessary problems.
Ursus Forwarding is international logistics company with long-term, successful experience, offering international and local freight forwarding, as well as various logistics solutions around the world. Ursus Forwarding is established in 2007 in Latvia, now the company is represented also in Estonia.
We are focused on mutually beneficial and enjoyable long-term cooperation, what we are trying to reach by offering professional approach, competitive prices, positive attitude and operative flow of information to our customers. Until now, thanks to our competent team and wide range of partners, it is successfully reached. It is evidenced by ever-increasing number of freights, as well as by positive evaluation of our work from customers’ side.
Success for any company is knowledgeable, responsible and able to react operatively employees, who are maximally applying their experience and continually improve it, by accepting new challenges. We are proud that our company in its daily work is represented exactly by such employees.
  • Road freight services
  • Oversized and multimodal freight forwarding
  • Sea transportation
  • Air transportation
  • Cargo insurance
  • Warehouse services
  • Customs clearance
Ursus Forwarding offers international and local freight forwarding, as well as various logistics solutions for requirements of any company.
Road freight services

Each week in disposal of Ursus Forwarding there are more than 50 freight transport units. Due to carefully planned geographical location they are able in relatively short time to respond on virtually any order.

There are available the following trailer types:

Cargo vans

Intended to be used for fast delivery of relatively small cargoes. By prior agreement express delivery is possible within 24-48 H within European Union.

Tent semi-trailers (92-120 cbm)

Ursus Forwarding offers transportation of both consolidated and full load cargoes. Available trucks with transportation permits ADR (hazardous cargoes) transportation permits, as well as in separate routs is available FVS certified transport for transportation of food/food additives. We will provide freight delivery with transport, equipped with lifting platform.

Each week freight transport units in Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, England, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, etc. are available!

Refrigerators of various types and sizes

Ursus Forwarding offers transportation of both consolidated and full load cargoes with trailers of refrigerator type, which are able to ensure any required temperature. Available also two-section trailers of refrigerator type (with separate temperature). On demand it is possible also to submit refrigerator’s printout on keeping temperature during transportation.

Open platforms

Available standard trailers without tent, jumbo platforms, as well as platforms for sea container transportation in various routes. Contact our specialists for clarifying price for carriage, you are interested in.

Platforms for oversized cargoes

In disposal of Ursus Forwarding are platforms for oversized cargoes in various sizes and types. They are 3- to 7-axle trailers with load capacity up to 107 tonnes. Currently, Ursus Forwarding has well developed transportation network for oversized freight forwarding from Europe to the Baltic states and CIS countries, as well as thanks to our experience and wide range of cooperation partners Ursus Forwarding is able to provide oversized freight forwarding in practically any of your desired route.

Urus Forwarding specialists will help you to choose the most appropriate solution.

Oversized and multimodal freight forwarding

Ursus Forwarding has large experience in different kinds of oversized freight forwarding, and organization of all permits. We have gained experience during several years, by implementing many large projects for oversized freight forwarding. Such cargoes sometimes are transported by combining several types of transport, for example, sea and road transport, what demands wide knowledge, maximal accuracy and focus. Due to our experience and knowledge we can provide for our customers the most complicated oversized freight forwarding.

Sea transportation

We will help to find efficient and economic logistics solution for various kinds of sea cargoes, as well as for execution of required documents.

Air transportation

Ursus Forwarding will help you to perform air transportation around the world – to any of main world markets.

Cargo insurance

Ursus Forwarding offers cargo insurance for single and regular freight transportation around the world .

Ursus Forwarding reminds: depending on transportation kind the carrier’s liability in case of loss, damage or destruction of cargo changes. For example, in case of road transport carrier’s liability is 8.33 SDR for each gross kilogram of damaged/lost cargo. If value of your cargo exceeds this limit we recommend additional insurance. Contact our specialists to clarify costs for cargo insurance.

Warehouse services

We offer for our customers also services of spacious and modern warehouses for cargoes of different types. Also available freezers and warehouses with opportunities to ensure specific temperature.

Customs clearance

Our specialists will qualitatively arrange all required customs formalities for any type of cargo shipment.

Length (m):
Width (m):
Quantity (pcs):
Weight (t):
Loading metres (LDM):5.43
Sizes of trailers

In disposal of Ursus Forwarding are transportation units with big and small sizes, as well as open platforms for transportation of sea containers. Contact our specialists to clarify the most appropriate king of transport for your cargo.

Please find a visualisation of trailer sizes in the attached file.

Sizes of platforms

Please find a visualisation of oversized cargoes sizes in the attached file.

Sizes of palettes

To help in planning process for company’s carriages, please see sizes of various palettes in the attached file.

Freight weight

1 Eurpll / 1.2*0.8 / 740 kg
1 Finpll / 1.2*1.0 / 925 kg
1 blokpalete (industriālā) / 1.2*1.2 / 1100 kg
1 ldm = 1850 kg
1 cbm = 333 kg
1 Eurpll = 0.4 ldm
1 finpll = 0.5 ldm
1 blokpll = 0.6 ldm

Sizes of containers

There exist several sizes for standard containers, please see them in attached document. Containers of standard size are 20 and 40 feet long, as well as there are available “highcube” containers, which are half a feet higher, as well as – “palletwide” containers, where two palettes can be placed side by side. The biggest available containers are 45 feet long, besides, there are available also containers with side edge, which can be moved aside, what facilitate loading process.

CMR convention

CMR convention is about international freight forwarding contract, signed in 1956 in Geneva. It is applied to each contract on freight forwarding with road transport for remuneration, when cargo shipment and receiving places are located in two different countries, one of which is Contractor’s country regardless residence and nationality of Contracting Party.

Please see CRM convention in the attached PDF document.

LAFF general conditions

Please find General conditions of LAFF in the attached file.

Warsaw convention

Convention on air carriers’ liability or Warsaw convention governs all international carriages of passengers, baggage and cargoes, performed by aircraft for remuneration.

Please see Warsaw convention in attached PDF document.

Bill of lading

Please find Bill of lading in the attached file.


Please find International trade regulations(Incoterms) 2010 in the attached file.

Dangerous goods (ADR)

The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road is more commonly known as ADR. The classes of dangerous goods according to ADR are given symbols, which are shown in the attached file.

CMR form

Please see the attached file.

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