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Freight forwarding with a mark of quality!

Ursus Forwarding is a versatile logistics company with more than 14 years of successful experience in organising and coordinating international freight. Over these years, we have proven ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers and subcontractors worldwide. With nearly 80,000 freight shipments carried out so far, including standard and general freight forwarding, as well as complex and large projects, this success would have been impossible without an in-depth understanding of the logistics processes and extensive experience.

Thanks to the experience and the wide range of services, the specialists of Ursus Forwarding are able to complete the most complex freight assignments, both in terms of geography and technical requirements. The extensive network of partners allows us to promptly respond to all freight orders and provide all types of freight forwarding services to customers all around the world.

Logistics services

If even occasionally you or your company requires any type of freight forwarding services, you have come to the right place. Ursus Forwarding brings together the best professionals in the sector specialising in road freight, sea freight, air freight, rail freight and oversized freight. Many years of experience have brought not only extensive knowledge of freight forwarding and related services, but also helped develop a certain intuition to avoid unpleasant incidents in the transportation process, as well as preparedness to handle the unexpected.

Road freight

Road freight is the most popular mode of transport among our customers. The benefits of this mode of transport are the costs, which are much lower compared to air freight, and delivery times, which are much faster than using sea freight.

Unlike other modes of transport, road freight deliveries can be made to any destination that can be accessed by road.

Air freight

Air freight is the fastest mode of delivery available today. This mode of transport makes it possible to deliver goods to the destination within a short period of time over a very large distance. Speed is one of the key advantages of air freight, but it is not the only advantage.

Rail freight

Rail freight is an efficient and convenient mode of freight forwarding favoured by many companies in the heavy industry, mining industry, petrochemical industry and other sectors. Our range of services includes the organisation of rail freight and all related ancillary services

Container shipments

Container shipments are a modern way of freight delivery using specially designed containers. It is the safest and most financially affordable method of transporting goods anywhere in the world. Container shipments can be carried out using several modes of transport and are thus considered a multimodal type of forwarding.

Sea freight

The main advantages of sea freight transport are the cost, which is lower than in other modes of freight forwarding; distance flexibility allowing freight to be transported over a much larger distance than by road; versatility – the freedom to carry the most diverse types of goods; load capacity, which in the case of sea freight is significantly higher than for other modes of transport.

Oversized (heavy lift) cargo

Carriage of oversized (heavy lift) cargo has been one of our core activities since the early days of our company. We love this type of freight because of its versatility. Implementation of complex and large-scale projects teaches us something new each time.

Hazardous cargo

Freight forwarding of Hazardous cargo is a complex and responsible process that involves high risk.
It requires extensive knowledge of applicable regulations, maximum focus on the transport task and the related intricacies.

Ship chartering

Ship chartering is booking a ship or space on a ship corresponding to the tonnage and dimensions of cargo, for which a contract of carriage between the customer and the carrier is subsequently concluded. In other words, ship chartering is an agreement on the lease of a ship for a certain shipment or the lease of a ship for a specified period of time.
Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding with a sense of security!

One of our key priorities has always been the security of our freight forwarding, which is why, when preparing quotes for our customers, we always take into account the specifics of the freight and other essential details, to correctly choose the most appropriate mode of transport for the respective cargo, thus minimising the risk of damage.
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Your logistics partner

Nevertheless, freight forwarding is a mechanical process which may result in some damage or other issues which usually take time and effort to resolve. Ursus Forwarding has third-party liability insurance and our customers can be assured that, if necessary, their claims for damages will be dealt with as soon as possible under the supervision of competent and professional representatives of the insurance company, as well as in accordance with all the applicable regulations of the international freight industry.
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Our advantage

The knowledge and experience obtained over more than 14 years of successful business allow us to respond appropriately and promptly to any non-standard situation without burdening our customers with unnecessary problems. The team of Ursus Forwarding brings together the best specialists in the industry with impressive experience in organising and coordinating freight transport of all levels of complexity.

Freight forwarding with a mark of quality!

The international freight fleet of Ursus Forwarding consists of vehicles equipped with the latest generation of diesel engines, which help take care of the environment while carrying goods. The vehicles are equipped with all necessary equipment for the carriage of all types of freight. Each vehicle is fitted with a GPS system, high-quality straps, support rods, anti-slip mats and plastic edge protectors, allowing one to secure customers' freight in compliance with all safety standards.
The professionalism of drivers is undoubtedly one of the crucial factors to ensure on-time deliveries, therefore our company employs highly responsible, technically inclined drivers with years of experience, who are familiar with international freight forwarding legislation, the European road infrastructure and the details of ferry traffic.

Technical support and responsible drivers are only some of the cogs of the great machine that ensures the high-quality, safe and fast delivery of your freight to the designated destination. The office staff who ensure smooth communication with customers and make sure that drivers receive the most accurate information, and that loading and deliveries are coordinated with both the consignor and the consignee, also play an important role in this process. The harmonious synergy, mutual respect and experience of both these parties is what creates freight forwarding with a mark of quality!

Customer feedback

Ursus Forwarding customer feedback
It is a sincere pleasure to work with a professional forwarding company and its employees, as they helped Latvia be successfully represented in Astana Expo in Kazakhstan.

The company was supportive, offered the best solutions, made adjustments for all our needs and provided their service in time.
SIA Ursus Forwarding has been our business partner in cargo deliveries for more than five years. The company offers economical and custom-tailored transport solutions that are implemented by supportive and professional employees.

The quality of the service provided complies with the requirements set by SIA Modus Tetra. This is why we recommend the company as a reliable, high-quality cargo delivery partner!
We would like to thank Ursus Forwarding for its professionalism, excellent communication and service quality. Your company has become a reliable and responsible partner that is sensitive to our needs, always following the rules and agreements. We highly value the relationship we have established, and hope that it will become the foundation for more work together in the future.
No matter what any one of us does, personality and communication play a decisive role in it. And when it comes to these qualities, we think that Ursus Forwarding is the market leader. We became confident that we could rely on Ursus to provide us with quality service, even before any of our confectionery was transported by them. It is also important for us that we can find the best solutions for specific situations together: everything is negotiable. Thank you, wishing you more success in the future!

Freight forwarding with good reputation

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