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Air freight is the fastest mode of delivery available today. This mode of transport makes it possible to deliver goods to the destination within a short period of time over a very large distance. Speed is one of the key advantages of air freight, but it is not the only advantage. Air freight is safer compared to other types of freight. Air traffic is very closely supervised, as are airport cargo terminals, thereby reducing the risk of cargo theft. Goods transported by air are damaged significantly less frequently than using other types of freight.
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Fast cargo delivery by air freight

Compared to other types of freight, air freight is notably more dynamic, which explains the high popularity of this mode of transport. Quick deliveries carried out within the prescribed deadlines, alongside a very low risk of cargo damage, are typical features of air freight. Using this mode of transport, it is possible to deliver cargo to any location in the world with access to an airport, which means a virtually unlimited choice of routes.
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Air freight prices

Despite all the benefits of air freight, it does, however, have one disadvantage, which for many becomes the determining factor to give preference to other modes of transport. This disadvantage is the relatively high cost. The price is determined by a number of different factors, but speed is always the main cost contributor. Some weight and size restrictions and the inability to deliver the cargo door-to-door without reloading may be considered among other disadvantages of air freight.
In many cases, the speed of delivery is the determining factor, therefore air freight has no competitors in ensuring fast deliveries with regard to all conditions relating to the safe shipment and storage of the cargo in the process. The organisation of air freight takes into account the specifics of all the goods carried, providing an appropriate environment for both perishable products and high-value goods, as well as for goods containing hazardous substances.

More than 80 air freight directions:

Ursus Forwarding offers more than 80 air freight routes for transporting your goods worldwide. Our specialists will calculate the optimal and most appropriate solution for the specific cargo and will ensure continuous monitoring of the shipment. If necessary, we will deliver the cargo to the airport cargo terminal, ensure careful storage, delivery from the airport to the final consignee and cargo insurance.

Air freight organization

Air freight is a complex process that requires a high level of knowledge of the requirements of the aviation industry in relation to the goods carried, specific cargo documentation, permissible load dimensions and weight, customs formalities, regulations and other essential factors or this type of freight. At the same time, it is also a very exciting mode of transport that gives a sense of professional satisfaction in seeking solutions for increasingly sophisticated transportation projects. Our specialists have gained invaluable practical experience in the organisation of different types of air freight and will gladly propose a solution for your air freight needs.

Types of air freight planes

Three types of aircraft are used for air freight: passenger aircraft, specialised cargo aircraft and cargo aircraft based on passenger aircraft. In passenger aircraft, the cargo is transported in the hold. Their payload is up to 20 tonnes with a load volume up to 100 m3, depending on the aircraft model. The size of the compartments and the size of cargo hatches can significantly restrict the permissible dimensions of the cargo to be carried. Cargo aircraft have been designed for one purpose ‒ to carry freight. Typically, these types of aircraft are used in military aviation, but today they are also widely used for commercial transport. Specially designed cargo aircraft hulls provide a higher payload capacity compared to passenger aircraft.
While air freight accounts for approximately only 2% of the total global freight transport, the value of these goods amounts to more than 30% of the total value of all goods carried, showing that air freight is mainly used to transport relatively expensive goods with profit margins not affected by the high cost of transport. Air freight is used to carry perishable goods, jewellery, electronics, pharmaceutical products, premium clothing, industrial equipment, flowers, various components of the automotive industry, animals, etc.


Frequently asked questions about bulky and oversized cargo delivery:

What information is required to calculate the price for air freight?
To calculate the cost, we will need the following information:

  1. delivery terms (Incoterms);
  2. the place of loading (address or airport);
  3. the place of delivery (address or airport);
  4. dimensions and weight of cargo;
  5. a description of the cargo;
  6. cargo readiness date and preferred delivery date.

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