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The ascension of Latvia to the European Union has brought the simplified movement of goods in the European Union. In the past, all goods without exception were subject to customs control, creating an enormous burden on customs. The information technology was also much less developed than today, turning customs clearance into an undesirable and time-consuming process. Today, goods shipped within the European Union are not subject to customs control, which means less pressure on customs authorities and therefore more accessibility. The development of information technologies and the use of electronic documents also significantly facilitate the clearance processes for both importers and exporters of goods and customs brokers.
Customs agent

Professional customs clearance

How do you rationally allocate your time and other resources for current business challenges and the implementation of promising business ideas, if the customs formalities require all of your working time or even several working days? The answer is simple: assign your customs clearance procedures to specialists who have accrued extensive experience in customs clearance of various types of goods and enhance their knowledge on a daily basis by keeping up with the latest regulatory developments and applying this knowledge in practice.

Customs agent services

Customs agents of Ursus Forwarding will be happy to help you save your precious time by taking care of all the customs processes required by your company. We offer the following customs agent services.

Representation of customers with customs authorities

Companies actively engaged in the international goods’ import and export market are well aware that interaction with customs authorities can be very complicated. To save your time and protect you from uncertainties, we offer to represent your interests in dealing with the customs authorities, fully taking over the communication related to the customs clearance of your goods.

Customs clearance and drafting of

Depending on the nature of the goods and the route, we offer to prepare import, export or transit declarations and to calculate the amount of duties payable to the State. We will carry out any type of customs clearance at any customs office in Latvia. In the case of any doubts, we will provide free advice on the application of customs procedures.
Any business dealing with or planning the import or export of goods outside the countries of the European Union will sooner or later face customs clearance requirements. In order to facilitate this process and to minimise the risk of complications caused by inaccuracies, it is recommended to assign the matters of customs clearance to a customs broker, who acts as an intermediary between the owner of the goods and the customs authority, and represents the interests of their client.

Customs agent services with good reputation

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