Heavy lift cargo (oversized cargo)

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Ursus Forwarding is one of the leading carriers of oversized (heavy lift) cargo in Latvia. Carriage of oversized (heavy lift) cargo has been one of our core activities since the early days of our company. We love this type of freight because of its versatility. Implementation of complex and large-scale projects teaches us something new each time. Each project has its own specifics, geographical considerations and other aspects that constantly require new solutions to ensure the delivery.
Bulk cargo

Bulk cargo services

Cargo of this type is often carried by combining several modes of transport, such as sea freight and road freight, requiring extensive knowledge, maximum precision and focus. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can provide the most sophisticated outsize freight forwarding services to our customers.
heavy lift cargo

Heavy lift cargo services

We have partners in almost all continents and corners of the world, allowing the specialists of Ursus Forwarding to organise the carriage of any type and size of cargo with a virtually unlimited choice of routes for our customers.

Heavy lift and bulk cargo types

Below you can find information on the most common oversized (heavy lift) cargo types.

Agricultural machinery

During our operations, we have helped many farmers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to receive their newly purchased agricultural machinery from various producers, vendors and auction houses. The most common types of oversized (heavy lift) agricultural equipment are tractors, combine harvesters, earth tillers, ploughs, grain kilns, tanks, etc.

Prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses are one of the most frequent types of oversized (heavy lift) cargo in recent years. We have used both land-based transport and chartered ships to deliver prefabricated units to locations where the geography precludes delivery just by road. In such projects, both road freight and sea freight is used, making the transport assignment a complex jigsaw puzzle that requires a lot of experience from all parties involved and a maximum focus on the details.

Forestry equipment

The forestry industry accounts for a large proportion of the total national export. The technology of this sector is in very high demand and being imported from different countries of the world. During our operations, we have transported oversized (heavy lift) forestry industry cargo countless times, perfecting our experience to the smallest of detail.
The most common oversized (heavy lift) cargo types in the forestry industry in our experience are harvester-forwarders, forwarders, harvesters, wood chippers, branch collectors, branchers and logging tractors, but we have also been involved in transporting other equipment of this sector, such as sawmills and wood processing equipment.

Industrial equipment

This is equipment usually used in civil and road construction, port operations, factories and landscape architecture. Among our customers, there are many companies who use this type of equipment on a daily basis. Some of the most common oversized (heavy lift) industrial machinery are excavators, cranes, bulldozers, tracked machinery, loading equipment, etc.

Transport equipment

We have faced situations where representatives of other transport companies contact us about the carriage of a tractor unit or another freight vehicle that has broken down or has been purchased at an auction. It is possible, and we have transported this type of cargo many times.
Transport equipment is included in the oversized (heavy lift) cargo segment, since a special oversized (heavy lift) platform needs to be used to transport it.

Wind generators

The renewable energy sector is growing rapidly. The country has set a goal to produce at least 45% of its national electric power consumption from renewable energy sources by 2030. As a result, more and more businesses are choosing to invest in this sector. From a transport point of view, wind generators are very massive oversized (heavy lift) cargo that most transport companies are not appropriately equipped to carry. We, however, have all the necessary equipment for transporting this type of oversized (heavy lift) cargo. The process of transporting wind generators is complex, yet interesting and gives us a great deal of professional satisfaction, therefore we are always excited to take on the shipment of these giants.
Our services include not only the organisation and coordination of the transport process itself, but also the organisation of loading/unloading of oversized (heavy lift) cargo, arranging the necessary permits and convoy and, if necessary, developing and approving the oversized (heavy lift) cargo transportation route with the authorities. Our experience includes more than 13 years of successful operations, with numerous complex and large-scale oversized (heavy lift) cargo projects carried out.


Frequently asked questions about bulky and oversized cargo delivery:

How do you deliver for less?
The cost calculation for the carriage of oversized (outsize) cargo is based on the route, dimensions and weight of the cargo. Cargo not exceeding three metres in width can be carried without special permits and therefore will be cheaper to ship. However, in order to transport oversized (outsize) cargo with a width exceeding three metres, a permit for oversized (outsize) cargo will be required. Such a permit will have to be obtained from each country through which the cargo passes during shipping. For very bulky loads, a special convoy may be required to ensure safe movement in traffic. The costs of transporting such cargo will be higher. To compare the costs of transporting machinery of different sizes and decide on the best option for you, contact our specialists.

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