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International freight forwarding is the transportation of goods by any mode of transport, where the locations of origin and destination of goods are in different countries. International freight forwarding nowadays is no longer a luxury and has become a part of the day-to-day work for many businesses. International cooperation between all countries around the world is rapidly evolving, leading to an ever-increasing demand for international freight forwarding and ancillary services, such as cargo storage, handling, consolidation or customs agent services. Businesses all around the world give preference to experienced players of the industry when selecting international freight forwarding partners. Experience is one of the key advantages of Ursus Forwarding.

For more than 14 years, our specialists have been applying their knowledge in practice on a daily basis to address the various logistical challenges, and enhancing this knowledge by completing increasingly sophisticated transport tasks. The accrued experience allows our specialists to properly and promptly address any kinds of unforeseen situations that might arise in the process of international freight forwarding. The company has accrued substantial experience in carrying out projects of all levels of complexity, delivering goods across different continents.
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International freight forwarding

International air freight

Air freight is a quick and safe way solution for urgent long-distance deliveries. Our specialists ensure deliveries of air freight from hundreds of airports across the world to Riga and other airports, depending on the customer's requirements. Air freight is significantly more expensive than other modes of transport, but when the delivery speed is the top priority, air freight has no competition.
International freight forwarding with ships

International sea freight

Sea freight is the oldest of all modes of transport and in many cases continues to be the only available means of delivering goods to a destination. International sea freight is characterised by the relatively low cost and high safety of the transported goods, which are the key advantages of this mode of transport. Sea freight is ideal for delivering large-volume cargo over a long distance where the speed of delivery is not a priority.
International freight forwarding with rail transport

International rail freight

The key advantage of rail freight is the high reliability. Moreover, this reliability does not cost a premium because the price of international rail freight is lower than, for example, that of road freight. Rail freight is particularly suited for the international carriage of a wide variety of specialised machinery, heavy and oversized (outsize) goods, as well as for goods that need to be transported in very large quantities at a time. The railway rolling stock is perfectly suited for this type of assignment.
International freight forwarding with road transport

International road freight

Road freight is key in ensuring international deliveries and an integral part of various multimodal services. International road freight is one of the most convenient modes of transport, its main advantages being the comparatively low costs relative to the speed of delivery, as well as the flexibility to adapt to the customer’s preferences and enable door-to-door deliveries without reloading on the way, which is not always possible with other modes of transport.
International freight forwarding with containers

International container shipments

Container shipments are a practical and cost-effective mode of transport, which can also be used over very long distances. An important argument in favour of the use of containers is their durability, which improves the safety of the cargo, reducing the risk of mechanical damage and the exposure to weather conditions during transport to a minimum.
International freight forwarding and hazardous (ADR) cargo freight

International hazardous (ADR) cargo freight

According to statistics, approximately half of the transported goods can be classified as hazardous. International hazardous (ADR) cargo freight is strategically important for many industries, and its proper organisation and coordination are therefore very important. Hazardous (ADR) cargo can be shipped by road, by sea, by air or by rail, however the requirements may differ depending on the type of shipment and they should definitely be taken into account when selecting the mode for delivering the hazardous cargo.
International freight forwarding of  oversized (outsize) cargo

International oversized (outsize) cargo services

Oversized (outsize) cargo services are among the most complex and responsible of all modes of transport. The complexity of these shipments lies in the fact that the height, width, weight, volume or other properties of the oversized (outsize) cargo exceed the generally accepted freight standards. International oversized (outsize) cargo services require individual solutions tailored to the characteristics of each individual shipment.

International freight transport from Europe

International freight transport to and from Europe are among the most popular services in our experience. Along with the ascension of Latvia to the European Union, the movement of goods between businesses in the Member States of the Union has become more convenient; therefore, international freight forwarding from Europe has become a relatively simple procedure that does not require an in-depth knowledge of customs procedures by the owner of the goods. Shipments from Europe are mainly carried by road, but, depending on the route and the nature of the goods being transported from and to Europe, sea freight and air freight is also actively used.

International freight forwarding with good reputation

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