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Your benefits in partnering with Ursus Forwarding

Ursus Forwarding offers "round trip" work in Europe for hauliers with their own vehicle fleet. We offer regular work throughout the year between Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, England, etc. Following negotiations with the haulier, our specialists will thoroughly analyse the information to offer each partner an individual route plan. If necessary, we will ensure that your vehicle reaches the origin country faster by offering cargo from Latvia to Europe or back to Latvia if returning home.
Job for truck owner operators

Payment always on time!

The financial aspect is always at the top of the list. Without a correct and timely financial flow, long-term cooperation cannot be mutually beneficial. Over the course of our business for more than 14 years, we have demonstrated ourselves as a reliable partner, not only in terms of freight deliveries, but also as a company capable of reliably fulfilling its financial obligations.
Job for truck owner operators

Less downtime, more time on the road!

We have our own vehicle fleet, so we are perfectly aware that a vehicle only makes a profit when it is on the move. The next assignment for each vehicle is usually confirmed while it is still on its way to the previous unloading destination. This allows unnecessary waiting times to be avoided. On average, the trucks under our management cover approximately 10,000-14,000 km per month. This would not be possible with frequent and avoidable downtime.

We speak your language!

The "round trips" for hauliers are often offered by foreign companies whose employees are from the respective country. This means that the language barrier may lead to problematic situations, which in turn may affect the smooth flow of information or create misunderstandings, or even losses. In cooperating with Ursus Forwarding, you will have a contact who speaks the language you use and understand.

For your convenience, we speak Latvian, Russian, English and Estonian.

A personal contact!

The "round trips" for hauliers involve transport in different directions. Most companies have one person in charge of each direction, meaning that the haulier needs to be in touch with several contacts at the same time during the work process. This can create confusion and chaos in the working environment. Ursus Forwarding assigns a single contact for each haulier who will work with you regardless of the route and other details. Facilitated communication and dynamic exchange of information make the work process more enjoyable and less tense.

What we expect from carriers:


It is always a pleasure to cooperate with professional partners who take their responsibilities seriously and can be relied upon to fulfil the agreements.

In our work, we pay particular attention to the timely and accurate exchange of information, allowing both parties to carry out their duties without undue delay.

Experienced drivers!

It is no secret that the driver is one of the key factors for high productivity of work. The "round trips" for hauliers is a type of work that requires a certain resilience because the duration of such routes differs significantly from standard voyages. The professionalism of the driver, driving skills and communication skills play an important role in the monthly mileage. The more professional the driver is, the higher mileage they can cover each month.

Appropriate technical supplies!

The vehicles and trailers are required to be in a technical condition that allows the work to be carried out with high quality. Trailers must be fitted with straps, cargo anti-slip mats, supporting bars and edge protectors. The driver must have safety equipment: a helmet, reflective high-visibility vest, safety footwear and protective goggles. Without this safety equipment, access to the loading process is prohibited in many factories in Europe.

Licences and insurance!

In order to carry out commercial freight services in Europe, your company needs an EC permit, a copy of which will have to be submitted to the person in charge at our company before the cooperation begins.

The initiation of cooperation will also require the submission of a copy of the existing CMR insurance policy with a case cover of not less than EUR 250,000.


Frequently asked questions about the cooperation of carriers with Ursus Forwarding

What is the process of cooperation?
First, a meeting or another type of negotiation is arranged with the potential cooperation partner, during which all the information necessary for the preparation of the offer is obtained, followed by setting the price per km. Upon commencing work, the Ursus Forwarding dispatcher sends your company orders with information about the route, dates, cargo content, consignor, consignee and other relevant details. Each order contains information on the distance to be covered and the amount due to the carrier for the voyage. This order and the accompanying documents of the cargo serve as the basis for the invoice.

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