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Road freight is the most popular mode of transport among our customers. The benefits of this mode of transport are the costs, which are much lower compared to air freight, and delivery times, which are much faster than using sea freight. Unlike other modes of transport (air, sea, rail), road freight deliveries can be made to any destination that can be accessed by road. This contrasts with other types of freight, which in any case will need to be combined with road freight to deliver the cargo from/to the port, railway station or airport.
Road freight

Road freight with good reputation

The rhythm of modern life is dictated by a urgency that is felt in virtually all sectors, including freight forwarding. During more than 13 years of successful experience, we have learnt to adapt to ever-increasing customer demands in terms of the pace of supply, competitive pricing and freight safety. Aside from the fact that these requirements are by now being taken for granted, we continue to pay great attention to ensuring that we provide our customers with services that meet their requirements.
Road freight

Flexible approach to your needs

Our portfolio of customers includes enterprises of various categories. Each of them has their own pace of freight forwarding and their own requirements for deliveries. A large wholesaler's freight pace and requirements are different from those of a small retailer, for example. An individual approach enables us to understand the needs of each of our customers and meet the requirements of different categories of companies in various sectors.

Types of road cargo:

Our extensive logistics network enables the specialists of Ursus Forwarding to organise the transportation of any type of road freight with virtually unrestricted route options for the customers.
Every day, we carry out freight services with the following types of vehicles and trailers on behalf of our customers:

Curtain-sided semitrailers

This is the most commonly used type of road freight trailer. The advantage of a curtain-sided trailers is its versatility. They can be used for both consolidated* and full truck loads **. They can carry a very wide range of goods. In the case of consolidated freight forwarding, one trailer may contain, for example, household appliances, various materials, footwear, drinks, bicycles, car spares and other types of goods, demonstrating the suitability of these trailers for all types of goods. The curtain cover of these trailers can be easily removed from the sides and from the roof. This provides extra loading and unloading options if the specifics of the load require loading from the side or from above. Curtain-sided semitrailers are also suited for the carriage of hazardous cargo (ADR). In such a case, the vehicle must be equipped with special equipment and the driver must have a valid ADR certificate certifying their knowledge about the organisation of such road freight operations. Our company also has vehicles that meet the requirements of this type of freight.

* Several consignments for different consignees are loaded onto one trailer (LTL).
** The entire trailer is used for a shipment for one consignee (FTL).


Oversized (outsize) freight platforms
This type of platform is used for the carriage of agricultural machinery, forestry equipment, prefabricated houses, industrial machinery, oversized cargo.
Shipping container platforms
These platforms are used for carrying shipping containers. The shipping container platforms are mainly used to move the containers from the port to the consignee or vice versa. In some cases, these platforms are used to deliver containers from ports to other countries without direct access to maritime routes.
Open-type platforms
Platforms of this type are conventional trailers not equipped with a curtain cover. Open-type platforms are used for the transport of different types of construction materials, deliveries related to road construction, metal structures, various types of containers and other types of road freight.


Refrigerator trailers can ensure a cargo-specific controlled temperature throughout the entire journey. Upon the customer’s request, this can be demonstrated with a printout from the refrigerator unit temperature recorder.
Although these trailers can be used for transporting almost any type of cargo, their use is usually reserved for goods that require a controlled temperature transport mode. Examples include the carriage of food products, alcoholic beverages, fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants, meat and other controlled-temperature goods.
Refrigerator trailers are also suited for the carriage of hazardous cargo (ADR). In such a case, the vehicle must be equipped with special equipment and the driver must have a valid ADR certificate certifying their knowledge about the organisation of such freight operations. Our company also has vehicles that meet the requirements of this type of freight.

Cargo vans

Despite the relatively small cargo space of cargo vans, they hold a key advantage – speed of delivery. These small heavy-goods vehicles are typically used for urgent assignments. A cargo van can deliver a load to the destination much faster than a conventional heavy-goods vehicle.

In addition, cargo vans are usually equipped with lift platforms, making them especially convenient for deliveries and unloading where it is not possible to use a full-size heavy-goods vehicle. This also applies to cases where the delivery or unloading location has no ramp. Cargo vans are also used for short-distance international freight.
Ursus Forwarding offers all types of road freight and related services, such as freight insurance, warehousing, customs agent services and, upon request, the organisation of the loading/unloading process. Each week, we have more than 150 freight units at our disposal. Thanks to a carefully planned geographical location, they are able to fulfil almost any order in a short time. Deliveries are made using our own fleet, as well as vehicles and terminals of our partners. Advanced technology solutions and constant information flow provide a continuous overview of the location of the freight and the progress of the freight process.


Frequently asked questions about road freight transport:

What information is required to calculate the price for road freight?
To calculate the cost, we will need the following information:

  1. the place of loading (address or postal code);
  2. the place of delivery (address or postal code);
  3. the volume of the cargo;
  4. a description of the cargo;
  5. cargo readiness date and preferred delivery date.

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