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Ship chartering is booking a ship or space on a ship corresponding to the tonnage and dimensions of cargo, for which a contract of carriage between the customer and the carrier is subsequently concluded. In other words, ship chartering is an agreement on the lease of a ship for a certain shipment or the lease of a ship for a specified period of time. According to the chartering agreement, the carrier undertakes to deliver the cargo from the port of dispatch to the designated destination port, while the charterer (the customer) undertakes to pay a specified fee (freight charge) for this service. In order to organise such shipments, cargo owners mainly contact agents who, through their experience, knowledge and contacts, are able to quickly find a ship suitable for the cargo being carried.
Ship chartering

Professional ship chartering

We offer ship chartering according to our customers' preferences and requirements. Depending on the type and dimensions of your cargo, we will choose a suitable ship or space on the ship. It is possible to charter a ship for one or multiple shipments, as well as charter a ship for a specified period of time or for a specified volume.

Additional ship chartering services:

The specialists of Ursus Forwarding have accrued extensive experience in ship chartering, supplemented and refined in practice on a daily basis. Our company provides the following ancillary services related to ship chartering:

Loading of cargo at the consignor's facility

Our company has a wider range of mobile cranes that can load even the bulkiest and heaviest of loads.

The specialists of Ursus Forwarding will arrange the loading of your cargo into suitable vehicles for delivery to the port.

Storage of the cargo at the port

The dates of cargo being ready and ship schedules do not always coincide to avoid storing the cargo at the port. We offer the safe storage of your cargo in a protected warehouse or storage area at the port.

Stevedore services

We offer the loading of different types of cargo onto ships and other freight vehicles.
Loading at the port is available 24 hours a day, making it possible to arrange the loading at any time that is convenient for the customer by prior agreement.

Delivery by land to the port

Goods are usually transported to the port by road, but in the case of larger shipments, rail transport may also be used. Our specialists will choose the most appropriate type of delivery for your cargo and design an optimal route, taking into account the dimensions and specifics of the cargo.

Customs formalities

Our customs agents will take care of all the required customs documents for shipments to third countries, as well as the customs clearance of goods, calculation of duties, application of customs codes, etc.

Port and local operations at destination port

At the customer's request, we will arrange the unloading and storage of the cargo at the port, resolve any issues regarding delivering of cargo to the consignee, offer you suitable vehicles to deliver the cargo from the port to the final consignee, as well as take care of the unloading at the delivery location.
Sea freight is, without a doubt, the oldest form of freight transport. There is also a steady increase in demand for ship chartering services worldwide. The modern industrial age creates a continued need for raw materials and resources, which in turn motivates shipowners to extend and upgrade their fleets. This is a clear indicator that ship chartering will remain as relevant as ever.

There are several types of ship chartering.

Ship chartering a single voyage

In this case, the contract of carriage terminates upon the completion of the shipment. For further cooperation with the carrier, a new contract is required.

Ship chartering for several consecutive voyages

In this case, the carrier must provide the agreed number of continuous voyages. The shipowner is not allowed to hand over the ship to another charterer until the contractual obligations are fulfilled and the entire amount of cargo has been delivered.

Shop chartering for a specified period of time

In this case, shipments are carried out over a specified period of time. This is based on a contract setting out all requirements in regard to the ship, delivery terms, payment arrangements, etc.

Ship chartering cargo types and routes

Ursus Forwarding offers chartering of a wide range of ships for liquid cargo, dry bulk cargo, oversized and heavy cargo, prefabricated houses and other types of cargo. We have the most experience in ship chartering in the Baltic Sea and North Sea, but we have also frequently fulfilled orders over larger distances as well. Our long-term cooperation with different shipping companies offers a wide choice of options for ships that meet our customers' requirements with virtually unlimited routes.
Our main task is to facilitate our customers' work processes by fully undertaking all tasks related to ship chartering and the organisation of shipments, offering the lowest possible shipping cost and the shortest possible delivery times. Our specialists will prepare an optimal delivery plan and offer the most suitable handling port for the cargo, taking into account the cargo, its dimensions and route.

Ship chartering with good reputation

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