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High-quality warehousing include full responsibility of the service provider for the storage, handling and processing of the goods at its facilities. With warehousing services offered by our company you can be sure that, regardless of volume, the goods will be handled and stored responsibly and securely, complying with all product-specific requirements. Ursus Forwarding offers capacious, modern and fully equipped warehouses for handling various types of cargo in Latvia and Europe. Experienced warehouse workers will help your business to improve cargo accepting, handling, storage and loading procedures.

Warehousing services

Warehousing services are essential in today’s world of freight forwarding and logistics. The freight forwarding process can be simple or multimodal, meaning that the freight may have to be stored and transferred along the route, therefore warehousing has been closely linked to the various logistical processes since the early days of the industry. In the case of multimodal freight, a more accurate description of warehousing services would be warehouse logistics, meaning that the goods are transferred, stored or otherwise handled in warehouses at their transfer locations where they remain until being loaded onto other vehicle.

Types of warehousing services.

We offer the following warehousing services.

Short-term and long-term storage

More and more companies are choosing to outsource their warehousing to logistics companies rather than buying or leasing their own warehouse spaces. This is a rational decision, since outsourcing the warehousing processes to a specialised provider releases the company from the need to invest in the purchase or rental of warehouse facilities, extra staff, equipment and maintenance. Depending on customer requirements, warehousing services may include the acceptance, storage, sorting, consolidation, packaging and delivery of goods, but this service is also available in its simplest form ‒ providing facilities for the temporary or long-term storage of goods. We offer warehousing services that are suitable to the specific characteristics and flow of goods of any business. Once our specialists have assessed your submitted information, we will produce a custom cooperation offer for your company to provide you with reliable short-term or long-term warehousing services.

Loading tasks

Loading includes lifting and loading of the cargo onto a vehicle for subsequent shipping. Unloading, on the other hand, is removing the cargo from the vehicle and placing it in the warehouse for storage or other subsequent processing. Loading and unloading is a complex process that should be approached with maximum responsibility to ensure the safety of the customers’ goods. We offer safe and responsible loading and unloading services for your cargo at our warehouses. Depending on the type of your cargo, we offer unloading and loading using specialised equipment or manually if required by the specifics of the goods. Our warehouses are equipped with loading machinery, pallet jacks and other loading equipment of various capacity. We will also take care of the transferring of your freight at our warehouse. Once our specialists have assessed your submitted information, we will produce a custom cooperation offer for your company to provide you with reliable cargo handling services.

Freight consolidation

Freight consolidation is the process of accepting several small batches of cargo usually received from different consignors and storing them at the warehouse for subsequent shipping under a single accompanying document. We offer the consolidation of your import goods at our warehouse facilities for subsequent processing and delivery, as well as the consolidation of your export goods, preparing them for sending to your partners. For the convenience of our customers, we offer to arrange local freight deliveries, as well as long-distance shipments all over the world. Once our specialists have assessed your submitted information, we will produce a custom cooperation offer for your company to provide you with cargo consolidation services.
There are also direct warehousing services where the service provider offers its premises and services related to the handling of goods to companies that do not have sufficient facilities for the handling, assembly or storage of goods. This is also the case for companies that choose to outsource their warehousing for any other reason. This makes sense because building and maintaining your own warehouse means financial investment which is not always justified by the amount of warehouse services required by the company. It is therefore more economical to outsource the warehousing processes to a professional service provider in such cases.

Warehousing services with a positive reputation

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