Terms and conditions in short:

customers who place 3 freight orders within 3 months and pay the invoices on time receive a gift card for the website of their choice worth EUR 10. Club members can opt to receive the gift card immediately or keep saving for a more valuable gift card.

The earned gift cards can be combined into one or several more valuable gift cards and you can use the accrued amount according to your preferences, for example, saving for a travel gift card within a year, or simply claim a gift card of your choice, for example, worth EUR 50. You can also donate the accrued funds to one of the charities on offer.


Joining the club takes place automatically by placing a freight order with Ursus Forwarding – for customers who do not provide freight forwarding services.

Multiple representatives (contacts) of the same company can be registered in the Ursus Customer Club.

The gift card status can be checked in the automated e-mail notifications or by registering an account with Ursus Forwarding. Access credentials are sent along with the first order notification.

It is possible to opt out of the Ursus Customer Club membership by clicking on the button “I do not wish to join the club” in the e-mail message. Should you decide to restore membership, please send an e-mail to guna@ursus.lv with your name, surname and the company you represent.


Customer Club members who place three orders within three months and fully pay them on time are entitled to a EUR 10 gift card from Amazon.

Gift cards can be claimed immediately after paying the three invoices or you can keep saving for a higher value gift card.


Points are counted towards the Customer Club from orders made within a three-month period and fully paid with less than 7 calendar days’ delay (including weekends and holidays).

Each gift card consists of three individual orders. If the payment of any of the orders registered on the gift card is delayed by more than 7 days, the gift card is voided. The orders included on the voided gift card are not transferred to another gift card. The counting of orders is restarted from zero.

The three-month period starts on the date of the first order. If an order falls into a three-month period, but the invoice due date exceeds the three-month period and is paid on time, the order counts towards the gift card.

The three-month period ends when the third order is paid.

Upon the commencement of the fourth month without three accrued orders (e.g., there are one or two orders over three months), the accrued orders are not counted towards the Customer Club. The counting restarts from one with the next order.

Orders from each individual contact of the company are counted towards the Customer Club. If several contacts place orders from the same company, each of them collects points individually. If the contact changes work and moves to another company, the accrued (unused) points/orders are voided.


The gift cards must be claimed within one year from the first order recorded in the loyalty programme.

A gift card can be earned earlier than within three months. In such case, the Club member can choose to claim the gift card or keep saving for a more valuable gift card.

Gift cards are sent once a week to the member’s e-mail address. All earned gift cards are processed on Friday. If the gift card is claimed before Friday (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu), then the Member shall receive the gift card on the Friday of the same week. If the gift card is claimed on Friday, then the Member shall receive the gift card on the Friday of the next week. If Friday is a holiday, the gift cards shall be issued on the following working day.


Awaiting order – no order placed yet
Order placed, awaiting invoice from Ursus Forwarding
Invoice issued – awaiting payment
Invoice paid
Points voided due to delayed payment or late order


Immediately after placing the first order, Ursus Customer Club members receive an automated e-mail containing information about the Ursus Customer Club membership, reminders of order deadlines and payments, information about the accrued gift card, reminder about claiming the gift cards.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by sending an e-mail to guna@ursus.lv or calling + 371 29540090.

SIA Ursus Forwarding reserves the right to review and change the terms and conditions of Ursus Customer Club, the gift card partners, and to consider granting membership in the Customer Club.

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